By definition, a resource is a stock or supply of materials and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively. 

At First Baptist Church, we pray we can be a resource to you as you venture through your spiritual journey.  We pray you can be a resource to the Church as we strive to be the Body of Christ.  We pray we can work together to build God's beloved community in Frankfort, Kentucky, and around the world.

About FBC Resources

Worship services

View prior worship services in their entirety.  You can search by date or speaker if you desire a specific service.


Read articles written by FBC's ministerial staff that appear in the monthly newsletter, The Bridge, or have been written for other publications.


The announcements page is continually updated to provide the latest information regarding events, small group offerings, and other news.


This password protected page offers the FBC congregation a more private option for sharing information such as prayer requests or links for virtual gatherings.