Formed in the fall of 2018, The Barnabas Group (TBG) of First Baptist Church is for anyone age 55 and over.



  1. He was The Encourager - so much so that his name was changed from Joseph to Barnabas. What a legacy to leave! What an example to follow! 
  2. He traveled - taking God's message to the people.
  3. He was generous - selling a field and laying the money at the disciple's feet for the Lord's work. 
  4. He was a team player - willing to work with and support Paul, as we are to work with and support the church and others.
  5. He was courageous - standing up for Paul after his conversion, when others wouldn't.
  6. He was a Christian leader - we can learn so much from his leadership style.

We want the group to exemplify these things. We want to travel and be of service and be supportive and encourage each other - while having loads of fun.  



In addition to fun and fellowship at gatherings each month, The Barnabas Group also works to minister to our church and community.  A card ministry has been formed for 2019 and TBG hopes to begin a reading buddies program with local elementary schools and a homebound ministry.  Click on the link, below, to see some of the planned gatherings this year.  Add them to your calendar and join us!

The Barnabas Group 2020 Proposed Calendar



For more information about TBG, please contact Mona Carpenter at



Lunch at Claudia Sanders (February 2020):

A Day at Shaker Village (2019):

At the Legends Game (June 2019):

The Barnabas Group Picnic (April 2019):

The Barnabas Group Tea (Jan 2019):


The Barnabas Group knows how to put together a delicious spread (Jan 2019):

TBG knows how to make a delicious spread!


Ready for a wonderful lunch at Science Hill Inn (2018).