Every Sunday, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

First Baptist Church currently offers 3 different curriculum options for adults.  You are welcome to try all, or switch between curriculums/classes.  Classes meet in person with two classes offering an additional virtual option.  For more information or to obtain a curriculum packet or Zoom link, please contact Rev. Amanda Standiford, Associate Pastor of Children and Spiritual Formation, or call the church office at 502.227.4528.


Faithelement encourages real conversation rich with memories, insights, and experiences.  The Scriptures present us with stories of faith with people, like us, who are imperfect and doing our best to stay connected to God while finding our way in a crazy world.  God gets personal to the point of becoming one of us, with us, in the person of Jesus Christ.  Faithelement offers multiple ways to experience a session including videos, music, web links, a podcast and other interesting content to engage persons with the Scripture.

FBC currently offers a combined class of men and women who utilize Faithelement (virtual option available).


Formations follows an annual plan utilizing the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) that provides a steady, well-balanced diet of faith-based study.  Built in a format that encourages both individual reflection and group discussion, lessons come from hundreds of Baptist writers from hundreds of Baptist churches around the country including male and female, urban and rural, young and not-so-young. Formations will guide you in a journey through biblical passages and issues that create meaningful and life-changing connections. 

FBC currently offers multiple classes utilizing Formations, a men’s class, two women’s class (one also has a virtual option), and a combined men's and women's class.


Connections presents an ecumenical mix of traditional Bible study (NRSV) and contemporary insight.  Following the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), a believer will be given help in knowing the content of the Bible, understanding its message, and responding to that message by living a life of faith and love.  Using the RCL texts creates an opportunity to connect Bible study with worship by relating the lesson text to the sermon text.

FBC currently offers a combined class of men and women who study Connections.

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