We Must Not Forget

We must not forget all the lessons learned during the pandemic.

by Michelle Carroll on July 01, 2021

We Must Not Forget

Just as we are now able to return to worship, so too do many of our missions ministries. The Clothes Closet re-opens in July. Emma Quire Mission Center is welcoming larger teams again for work in Booneville. Mission Frankfort Clinic has operated throughout the pandemic but is hopeful that regular telehealth-only days are behind them. I am so excited these things can happen again, but I find myself thinking more about what the pandemic has taught us in regard to missions and our community. It only took a week for me to forget about grabbing my mask, but I hope we don’t forget how this pandemic showed us in stark terms just how breakable the system is that supports the daily livelihoods of so many. I hope we remember how children were without meals when school went virtual, how families couldn't make rent or utilities after one-month of furlough, how fragile our supply chains are and what a few weeks of shut-downs in plants and factories meant for the accessibility of goods. I hope we remember how many people proved their job can be done remotely. I hope we hear the rejoicing of people with disabilities who found new accessibility through increased delivery and curbside options. I hope we quit asking first whether it’s profitable, efficient, or how to maximize output at the cost of our care and compassion for our fellow humans. I hope we continue to think first of how it serves my neighbor and not how it inconveniences me. Instead let us approach all our decisions, both individually and corporately, with the call to Beloved Community.

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