Servant Hearts Put to Work

Are we really committed to giving our time and resources to God and the Church?

by Kara Johnson on July 01, 2021

Servant Hearts Put to Work

I read something recently that hit me pretty hard, and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. It talked about how most people think of volunteering as giving of their free time. Hmmm...well, yes, right? When we're asked to do something don't we usually check our calendar first to see if we're available and have time? I do. The statement went on to say that God calls us not to give of our free time, i.e. volunteer, but to serve God and serve the Church. It said that's what family does, and as God's children, family is exactly what we are.

I thought about those words for a long time and confess I needed (and still do) to examine my actions:
Am I serving God?
Am I serving the Church? I just volunteering some of my free time?

Those could be pretty uncomfortable questions with, maybe, some pretty uncomfortable answers.

As it just so happened, I was reading, thinking, squirming over those thoughts about the time the staff said we needed to put out new volunteer sign-ups. I asked if we could change our nomenclature from volunteers/volunteering to servants/ serving. Perhaps it's a small thing, but I'm adamant that words matters.

I don't want to give my free time. I want to be God's servant in service to the Church. I hope you'll join me in reflection of what those questions mean to you and what your new commitment may be as we work to build Beloved Community.  

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