Music is in the Air

God gave you a voice and there is joy in giving it back to Him in praise.

by Rev. Richard Summers on July 01, 2021

Music is in the Air

What a joy it is to hear music filling the air at FBC again after the long months of pandemic.  There is just something special about joining voices together in unison and harmony!  I am so grateful for the sound. It fills my soul with joy!  To hear the Sanctuary Choir sing again lifts me to amazing heights.  All of this is good!  Very good!  Yet, it is what is behind the singing that makes it so special.  The sounds are created by you and me, children of God, offering back to God a special gift He has given us.  The sound is created by you, offering praise and thanksgiving out of lives lived in joy, pain, sorrow, comfort, need, success, failure, brokenness, and redemption!  Out of all our life experiences, the good and the bad, our songs take on a far greater beauty because they are real and honest.  What a sacred moment it is when we stand to sing together!  It is truly Beloved Community!  I am incredibly grateful to hear it again and to be part of it.  Whatever level your musical ability is, the singing of congregational hymns is for you.  Sing viscerally, sing as if God is the only one listening.  He gave you the voice you have so offer it back to Him!  I believe if you do, you will be surprised how good it feels!  I look forward to hearing you Sunday!

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