A Prayer for Spiritual Formation

by Rev. Amanda Standiford on September 01, 2021

A Prayer for Spiritual Formation

Everywhere God,

Sometimes it feels like this COVID-exile is ending, like it's time to come home, to rebuild. Sometimes we feel the joy of it welling up in us.

And yet -- the desert we have to cross is big. The journey from exile back to the place we want to be is harder than we'd imagined or hoped. The desert is a dangerous place, and it's still full of setbacks.

The days here, crossing the desert, are hard. They are wearying. They are uncertain, and, at times, lonely.

Remind us, God, that you are in this place too. Come close to us as we look for what beauty there might be right here where we are. The landscape may not look like home, but the sun rises and sets in all its colorful glory here in the desert just like it does in the city or along the river. The stars shine brightly by night. Help us see.

Remind us also, God, that we are here together. We might not travel together right now, but we are all here, and we can call out to one another across the sand and know again that in beloved community, we are never alone.

Grant us patience, strength, and abiding love for the journey.


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