First Baptist Church is comprised of everyday people who are following Christ on a journey of faith. We are joining hearts and hands in order to help others and care for one another. We study together and listen to each other to learn more about faith in today’s world. We value each person’s perspective and contributions along our way.

Perhaps the following statements will help you understand what is important to us.


Core Values

To be a worshipping community.

Our goal is to provide worship services where people encounter God’s presence and respond to God’s grace.

In worship, we strive to touch hearts and minds, focusing attention upon the past, present and future. We come to worship seeking mercy, hope, guidance and encouragement so we can share these gifts with those around us in the week to come.

To be a church on mission.

We challenge every member to seize opportunities to be the presence of Christ by using their time, talents, spiritual gifts and resources to meet the needs of people, locally and globally. 

We do this intentionally, planning ahead, or spontaneously as needs arise. Sometimes we partner with others, and at other times, we do what we can on our own. Most of all, we want to go about our daily lives doing what Jesus did—listening to people’s stories and responding to their needs.

To be a thinking, nurturing church.

We want to provide a safe and stimulating place for people to ask questions, explore, learn and grow on their journey of faith.

The study of scripture is vital to our ability to be the presence of Christ and reflect the nature of God. The Bible invites us to look at God, the world and even ourselves in ways that make it possible for us to reflect upon the meaning of life and our role in it. The testimonies of those who have gone before us provide wisdom and guidance for our journeys, helping us to be faithful disciples.

This is why we take Bible study seriously, value each person’s perspective, and welcome everyone’s questions. Since the Bible is a book of looking, seeing and reflecting, we cherish our time to do this together, inviting the Holy Spirit to open our eyes, hearts and minds.   

To be a relational church.

We want to build community by meeting all people at their point of need with compassion and grace.

We believe God created us to live in community so we can encourage and help one another along our journeys. None of us can handle life’s challenges alone; we need each other. We want our church to be a warm, loving family of faith eager to pray for and offer assistance when it is needed. Building bridges of goodwill and understanding and developing lasting friendships are important to us.


Mission Statements

Our Vision:

To Glorify God and expand God’s Kingdom into the world

Our Mission:

To lead people to a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ and to follow Jesus in transforming the world

Our Dream:

To give ourselves away as Jesus did in service to others

Our Objectives:

To grow spiritually  

To give generously

To go boldly

Our Theme:

Every member is a minister. We believe the call to serve is inclusive and encourage everyone, women and men, girls and boys to use the gifts God has given her or him to lead and serve.

Our Identity:

We are a moderate, free and faithful Baptist Church for all the people in our community where everyone can grow spiritually and be involved in the work of the Kingdom. We are free to follow where the Holy Spirit leads and called to be faithful as we carry out God’s dreams of making Hope visible in our community and world. 


Our Affiliations

First Baptist partners with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky and the national Cooperative Baptist Fellowship so we can work with other churches to spread the Gospel through word and deed. We believe we can do more with others than we can alone, and gladly join hearts and hands with other believers to make this world better for all people.


Your Place

Can First Baptist help you at this time on your journey of faith? Is this a place where you could grow spiritually, develop close friendships and serve others? We would be delighted to have you add your testimony to ours and join us on this journey of faith. Come to worship this Sunday or contact us for more information.



 “You are invited to participate in the life of the best missional congregation I have ever known.  We desire to be Christ-like in everything we do.  We are genuinely ‘doers’ of the word and not merely ‘hearers.’  From providing basic healthcare to the uninsured through the free Mission Frankfort Clinic, to an entire floor of our building dedicated to a Clothes Closet and Christmas Toy Store, to our Payday Ministry that gets people out of harmful payday loans, to our Soup Kitchen Ministry, to the Emma Quire Mission Center located in Owsley County which is one of the poorest areas in the country, to our partnership with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionaries in Morocco as we support their work with refugees and migrants in Oujda.  This is only a small portion of where we try to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a world in need of God’s love.  Come, visit, see us in action and maybe the Lord will lead you to join our team as we seek to be love-carriers to Frankfort, Kentucky and the world.”                                                                                                                                                                                       -Dr. Keith Felton, Senior Pastor