Constitution and By-Laws Committee Report and Recommendation

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee was formed at the October 2016 Quarterly Business Meeting to examine our current Constitution and By-Laws and recommend any needed changes. Over the past six months we have concentrated on the By-Laws and determined they needed to be re-written to reflect changes that have occurred over the past sixteen years in our church’s life. The committee studied the document line by line and offer changes that not only reflect alterations that have occurred, but also prepare us for the future.

Some of the significant changes being proposed include
• We have asked the Finance Ministry Team to create an “Accounting and Finance Guidelines” detailing how finances are received, accounted for, and disbursed.
• We have asked the Safety and Emergency Management Team to update our “Emergency Operating Guidelines” to be inclusive of insuring the safety of our congregation.
• We have asked the Deacons to create a “Deacon Ministry Handbook” so that current and future deacons will know their ministry tasks and procedures.
• We have changed the process of electing deacons.
• We have eliminated positions that have not been active for several years such as Franklin County Baptist Association Representative, Women’s Missionary Union Director, O.A.S.I.S. and Bible Study Director.
• We have streamlined our Ministry Centers and Teams.

The current By-Laws and the Proposed By-Laws are both included in this report. We ask that you prayerfully read through them and be prepared to ask questions at our April Quarterly Business Meeting on Wednesday, April 19. We will discuss the changes and answer questions at this meeting, but a vote cannot occur until our July 26 Quarterly Business Meeting.

We are not currently prepared to offer alterations to our current Constitution, though we will continue to meet to discuss it. We have focused solely on the By-Laws to this point.

Our prayer is that this document better reflects how we operate and prepares us for the future of “making hope visible.”

Respectively submitted,
Ralph Divine, chair
Lena Columbia
Doug Crowe
Greg Gaby
Laura Hendrix
Richard Summers, ex-officio

Click on the link below to read the By-Laws