Applicants should follow this link to learn more about the position and how to apply.

Who will lead the church in the interim?

The church staff will continue to lead in the day to day ministries of the church.  Dr. Steve Hadden was called by the church to be our Interim Pastor beginning August 1.  He will be preaching on Sundays, teaching on Wednesday evenings and attending staff meetings on Mondays.


What are the next steps?

The church elected the following persons to serve on the Pastor Search Team:  Erica Galyon, Beth Keith, Dwight Lovan, Stephen Mason, Sam McKown, Vicky Mitchell, Julia Rhorer, Dan Shouse, and Amy Smith.  This team has been meeting regularly and is forming a church profile as well as a pastor profile.  They will be visiting Sunday School Classes in August to get input from the congregation.  They will update the congregation regularly through our bulletin, newsletter, and on Sunday mornings when further information is available.

What can I do?

Take the Survey

Please click here to take a survey created by our Pastor Search Team.  Surveys will be accepted until September  16th.


Pray for our Pastor Search Team
Pray for the current staff as they continue to lead us.
Pray for our Interim Pastor, Dr. Steve Hadden
Pray for our future pastor.

Be Faithful

Be faithful in attendance.
Be faithful in giving.
Be faithful in volunteering to help.
Be faithful in making hope visible to everyone around you.