Why is Dr. Browning leaving?

After much prayer Dr. Browning has decided it is the right time for him to retire. You can watch the above video of his sermon to the congregation regarding his decision or read it here. 

When is Dr. Browning’s last Sunday?

Dr. Browning’s last Sunday with us will be June 24 and his retirement will be effective on June 30. 

Will we be celebrating Dr. Browning’s ministry at First Baptist?

Yes; however, details have yet to be determined. We will keep you informed, adding information to this page as it becomes available. 

Who will lead the church in the interim?

The church staff will continue to lead in the day to day ministries of the church. The Personnel Team is responsible for filling the pulpit in the interim and will bring a recommendation to the church in the near future.

Who will be preaching?

Until an Interim Pastor is called, the church staff will fill the pulpit along with possible guest preachers. 

What are the next steps?

Our church bylaws require the Deacons to form a search team and present the team to the church to be affirmed. There will be a Called Business Meeting on Wednesday, June 13 at 6:00 p.m., to hear the recommendation from the deacons. 

What can I do?


Pray for Dr. Browning and Jackie as they enter this new phase of their lives.
Pray for the Deacons as they nominate a Pastor Search Team.
Pray for the Personnel Team
Pray for the current staff as they continue to lead us.
Pray for our future pastor.

Be Faithful

Be faithful in attendance.
Be faithful in giving.
Be faithful in volunteering to help.
Be faithful in making hope visible to everyone around you.