Week #5

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This week our devotional writers answer the question, “What is your prayer for our church going forward?”

When we prayerfully consider our church's future, it is logical for our focus to turn to the children and youth of First Baptist Church of Frankfort. With that in mind, I recall the audio clip that we shared at the Bicentennial Kick-off. The recording was of Youth Week in May of 1959 and we used Dr. Moffett's benediction. With joy and gratitude he prayed, "We thank Thee our Father for this congregation that is so happy to hear the boys and girls and the young men and women in places of leadership and recognition." Dr. Moffett concluded with these words, "For all those who participated this morning, we pray that God will bless." We add our voices to Dr. Moffett's prayer that God will bless as we go forward!

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