August 30 - Jane Johnson

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What is your prayer for our church going forward?

By Jane Johnson

I came to Frankfort in 1957 with my daughter Sandy who was ready to enter 1st grade and I had gotten a state job. I had no car and so I looked for a place to live in South Frankfort so I would be close to walk to work, school and church. We walked everywhere.

Since First Baptist was the Baptist church in walking distance we would walk over the Singing Bridge every Sunday morning and night

Dr. Moffatt was still the minister when I came and moved my membership. I could not get used to his Scottish brogue at all. I did not think it was a friendly church when I first came, but look at it now!

The keys to moving forward are prayer and good leadership. We’ve had four pastors since I’ve been a member, and now under Dr. Bob Browning we are continuing to move forward. We have the best staff and are doing more than we ever have done.

I’ve been through floods that damaged the church. In the 1978 flood the water got in our basement up to the steps to the first floor landing. It was a mess cleaning up but we got it done. Prayer has brought us through it all and will keep us going for many more years.

As I look every Sunday and see the children go forward for the children’s sermon and the youth doing many things I remember they are our future.

I am proud of my church and through prayer and good works I’m seeing it last 200 more years.

Philippians 1:6 He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.